Chic Adult Magazine February 1977


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Vintage adult magazine; Excellent condition

TABLE OF CONTENTS 5 CURRENT FANTASIES Revenge of the Cheerleaders; McMurder, Inc.; Penguin under glass; Moo Goo Guise Panned; Narcissism and Gold Men. More! 16 ANNIKA Photographed by Clive McLean. It was gravity that brought us down, pornography that tore us apart. 24 THE DAY NEW JERSEY DIED by Willard Randall. Cancer is the Garden State’s bumper crop. 28 WHO IS STOCKARD CHANNING? YOU MIGHT AS WELL ASK WHO WAS JUDY GARLAND! by Arthur Bell. A heroine for men who don’t smoke Marlboros. 32 STATUS ECONOMY CARS by Steve Spence and Fred Gregory. Four deals you really can’t afford to refuse. 36 SAFE DEPOSITS Sperm banks as seen through the fertile (sic) imagination of Michel Pichon. 40 CHICAGO ON MY MIND by Wilfrid Sheed. Eight years later, the author of People Will Always Be Kind can still smell the tear gas. 43 HEIDI Photographed by James Baes. Rape is just a kiss away. Love is a little farther. Heidi is somewhere in between. 54 MICK JAGGER IS SCARED OF THE DARK And other revelations from the finest lips of his generation. 58 YOUR OWN AIRLINE, INC. Ready for self-induced jet lag? 65 A WESTERN by Charlie Haas. Bang bang, you’re invisible. 68 BIG NAME HUNTING You are only five people away from anyone in the world. Listening Jann? 72 CAR WASH Photographed by Bob Veze. A 1942 Packard sedan gets hosed. You are there. 99 RABBLE Three people you’ll never, never see in People. 102 MEDIA by Robert Wieder. Time capsules may replace television and radio. They’ve already replaced movies.

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