FLING MAGAZINE September 1983 Candy Samples


Fling Survey What Are Men’s Most Popular Sex Fantasies?
Bosom Bondage How To Tie-Up And Turn-On Your Own Special Flingirl
Bill Murray What’s The Sat. Nite Live Maniac Comedian Up To These Days?
Sex Wagons Will Vans Replace The Bedroom For Making Out?

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Vintage adult magazine, excellent condition

FLING MAGAZINE from September 1983

In this issue:

  • Candy Samples
  • Bed-Sitter Titter
  • Late Date
  • LIverpool Punker
  • Men’s Most popular fantasies
  • Shaved Pussy Party
  • Sex Wagons
  • Saturday Night Maniac
  • The fine art of Bosom Bondage
  • Young at Heart

Presenting FLING, the erotic magazine that was known as the ‘Fun-Package for Fun-People’ and ‘Man’s Favorite Pastime.’ Fling magazine has tons of fun nude pictures of women with real, unedited bodies of all types. You don’t see material with this type of realness and wholesomeness from today’s industry.

Fling also contains articles, fiction, interviews, humor, and reviews. Mostly, the subjects are sexuality, culture, and some celebrities. Photos are black and white and colored.

This adult magazine has had one owner who was careful with the magazines and a collector. The magazine has been stored in a temperature controlled, non-smoking home.


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